Store Administration Functions
Design19 eCommerce program is a full-featured, powerful e-commerce solution capable of running easily on shared and/or dedicated servers with variety of applications and platforms.
We customize the look and feel of every store. We provide custom professional online store design, with full sales capability of today technology of eCommerce.


it is not necessary to know every feature to use our store, this is a comprehensive list of features for anyone interested in knowing what we support. Many options can be hidden and/or disabled altogether without any sacrifice in functionality except for those modules.
Many of our customers simply login, check and update their orders, and logout in a few clicks of the mouse. Design19 eCommerce is quick, efficient, easy to administer and manage, even for beginners.

Administrator Member Groups

  • Define Admin Member Groups
    This allows you define groups with full or limited admin level file access to your store administration. It is not necessary to define additional groups/admins if there is only one store admin.
  • Update Account
    Update account is used to update details on your admin login account such as name, email address, password, etc.
  • File Access
    Setting file access permissions for admin member groups is as easy as point, click and submit. This allows you to limit the permissions and abilities of other admin groups.


  • My Store
    Setting important store details such as the store name, address, email address, store tax zone and other important settings accomplished here.
  • Minimum Values
    Allows you to set the minimum allowed character values for important entry fields such as customer name, email address, password, telephone number, etc.
  • Maximum Values
    Allows you to set the maximum allowed character values for important entry fields such as customer name, email address, password, telephone number, etc.
  • Images
    This setting allows you to set the height and width of product display images throughout the store.
  • Customer Details
    Allows you to toggle on/off the collection of various details on customer account creation.
  • Shipping/Packaging
    In this section we define important variables such as the country and postal code origin, and other important shipping setting.
  • Product Listing
    Allows you to toggle on/off display of certain items in the product category display view.
  • Stock
    Allows you to define items that control the checking and subtracting of items from stock level before and after checkout.
  • Logging
    This setting is strictly for developer use. It allows you to store page parse times and database queries in a log for later use and troubleshooting.
  • Cache
    The cache controls allow you to “cache” certain dynamically generated content areas on disk to reduce database queries and speed up page load times.
  • E-Mail Options
    E-Mail Options define if the store should send email notification and what method it should use to send them. These settings are primarily for developer use.
  • Downloads
    You may define settings for downloadable digital products in this area such as expiry days and maximum number of downloads.
  • GZip Compression
    You may enable gzip compression for faster page load times if your server supports it.
  • Sessions
    This setting is strictly for developer use. Advanced sessions settings may be defined here.
  • WYSIWYG Editor
    “What you see is what you get” text editor settings. This allows you to modify various settings that control text entry boxes within the administration section.
  • Affiliate Program
    Various settings that control your affiliate program (if any) are located here.
  • Site Maintenance
    The site maintenance area allows you to turn your store on and off whenever needed. This can be helpful if you need to perform a lot of product updates all at once.
  • Accounts
    The Accounts section allows you to toggle the “Purchase without Account” setting on and off. This allows your users to purchase without creating an account if you have it enabled.
  • Links
    This allows you to configure various settings for your links exchange program, if you choose to have one.

Product Catalog

  • Categories / Products
    This allows you to add/edit/delete categories, sub-categories and products. You also have the ability to specify sort order to display your most important categories and products first.
  • Product Attributes
    Product Attributes allows you to define attributes to be applied to specific products, such as color, size, style as well as additional cost if necessary.
  • Manufacturers
    If desired, you may define manufacturers in this section. This allows customers to “search by manufacturer” if desired.
  • Reviews
    Edit and delete reviews submitted by your store members.
  • Specials
    Easily add special discounts to specific products by percentage or dollar amount, and set them to automatically expire on the date you choose.
  • Shop by Price
    Shop by price allows you to set ranges of prices to display in the “Shop by Price” box visible to customers.
  • Cross Sell Products
    Allows you to link products together to be displayed under another as an accessory or recommended product.
  • Sale Maker
    Sale Maker allows for advanced sale making abilities such as discounts in one category or across the entire store, discount only products within a certain price range, as well as the ability to define start dates and end dates.
  • Featured Products
    If desired, the featured products module allows you to define products to display directly on your storefront. This is useful to immediately display your most important products when the visitor arrives.
  • Products Expected
    When adding a product, you can make it available immediately, or at a specified date in the future. This admin option simply lists the “products expected” that you have set to be active at some point in the future.

Information System

  • Info Manager
    The Info Manager allows you to easily add/edit/delete informational pages in your store. Anyone comfortable with a word processor can easily administer information pages directly from their browser.

News Desk

  • Article Management
    If enabled, the News Desk allows you to add/edit/delete news articles or other important notifications for your site visitors.

FAQ Desk

  • FAQ Management
    If enabled, the FAQ Desk allows you to add/edit/delete Frequently Asked Questions for your site visitors.


  • Payment
    All payment modules and payment module settings are controlled from this area. A wide variety of payment methods and gateways are supported. .
  • Shipping
    Shipping methods and settings may be adjusted in this section. UPS, USPS and Fedex real time shipping quotes come standard with our E-Commerce Store.
  • Order Total
    Mainly a developer resource, this module allows for you to define the order in which fees or discounts are applied to the order total. For instance, is tax applied before the shipping fee is added or after the shipping fee is added?

Vouchers & Coupons

  • Coupon Admin
    The coupon admin allows for the creation and deletion of gift vouchers / coupons. Coupons may be sold in the store as “Gift Certificates” or given away as incentives by the store administrator.
  • Gift Voucher Queue
    This queue shows the gift certificates/vouchers that have been purchased and given by your members. No voucher is sent until it is approved by you, the administrator.
  • Mail Gift Voucher
    As the administrator, you have the ability to send gift vouchers to any of your customers as an incentive, or for any reason you wish. The customer can use the code to receive a discount on their next purchase.
  • Gift Vouchers Sent
    Gift Vouchers Sent shows all voucher/certificates sent with statistics and information including amount redeemed, amount outstanding, etc.

Customers & Orders

  • Customers
    This is the entire searchable customer database. Administrators have the ability to edit accounts, delete accounts, view all orders by customer, and email the customer.
  • Orders
    The entire searchable order database. Administrators have the ability to view orders, edit orders, delete orders, print invoice, print packing slip, change order statuses, and contac the customer.
  • Create Account
    This function gives you the ability to create a customer account manually. This is very useful for retailers that accept phone and mail orders.
  • Create Order
    You may select a customer account and create an order for them. Options include selecting payment method, selecting shipping method, selecting products, applying an optional discount, and the ability to manually set pricing, overriding store pricing, taxes and shipping fees. This option works great for clients with special pricing contracts.

Affiliate Program

  • Summary
    If you choose to have an affiliate program, this lists the important statistics such as number of affiliates, total banner impressions, total affiliate transactions, total affiliate sales, commission rate, conversion rate, etc.
  • Affiliates
    Displays details of all affiliates who have joined your program.
  • Payment
    The payment section includes details on all affiliate payments.
  • Sales
    Affiliate sales shows the details of all affiliate sales.
  • Click throughs
    This section shows a report of all affiliate clickthroughs recorded, time, date and product.
  • Banner Manager
    The Banner Manager allows the administrator to upload banners and define them for a specific product, or for the main page.
  • Contact Manager
    The Contact Manager allows the administrator to contact all affiliates via email.

Locations & Taxes

  • Countries
    All country names and corresponding ISO codes are defined here.
  • Zones
    All countries are divided in to zones and defined in this section.
  • Tax Zones
    In this section taxable zones are defined so the store knows which zones need to pay taxes.
  • Tax Classes
    Tax classes are generally “Taxable” and “Non-Taxable”. When adding a product, you must select a tax class in order for sales of that product to be taxed appropriately.
  • Tax Rates
    Tax rates for taxable zones are defined here. If needed, you may define multiple taxable zones with different tax rates for complex tax situations.


  • Currencies
    Multiple currencies may defined if you wish to accept payment in other currencies.
  • Languages
    Multiple language files can be defined to allow your store to display in other languages.
  • Order Status
    Custom order status settings can be defined if you wish to set order statuses to something other than the default store settings.

Design Controls

  • Template Admin
    If you have more than one store design you may select alternate designs here. This setting allows you to immediately switch from one design to another using a templating system.
    * Additional fees apply if you need more than one design.
  • Infobox Admin
    The Infobox Admin allows you to turn on and off various boxes throughout the store.

Links Manager

  • Links
    If you choose to use the links manager on your website, this section allows you to approve, deny, add, edit and delete listings.
  • Link Categories
    You may define categories and sub-categories to organize your links directory.
  • Links Contact
    The Links Contact manager allows you to email any or all of your linking partners to keep them up to date.


  • Products Viewed
    This is simply a paginated list of products showing the number of views, with the most popular products sorted first.
  • Products Purchased
    Similar to the above, this is a paginated list of products showing the number of sales per product, with the highest sellers sorted first.
  • Customer Orders Total
    The total sales per customer sorted by most to least. This is good for an at-a-glance view of the biggest spenders.
  • Monthly Sales/Tax
    This shows sales per month, per year with the following figures: Gross Income, Product Sales, Exempt Sales, Taxable Sales, Tax Paid, Shipping & Handling, and Gift Vouchers. All fields are easily exportable to an Excel Spreadsheet by saving as a CSV file and opening in Excel.


  • Database Backup
    Easily backup your database to the server, or download to another computer for safe keeping.
  • Banner Manager
    If you display banners, you may use this tool to track displays and clicks.
  • Cache Control
    If your store has caching enabled, you may delete cached versions of code from this section. Mainly a developer resource, this is helpful after code changes are made to allow for the new files to display appropriately.
  • Define Languages
    Not available for installations running on shared servers due to security implications. If you are running on a dedicated server, this option allows you to update the stores language files directly from the store administration. Strictly a developer resource.
  • Send Email
    This tool allows you to keep any or all of your registered customers informed. Simply input your text, select an individual customer, or all customers, and click send.
  • Newsletter Manager
    This modules allows you to create and save newsletters for sending immediately or at a later date. This module sends to customers who have opted to subscribe to the store newsletter in their account, or when joining as a member.
  • Server Info
    Mainly for developers, this is a screen with important serves details for debugging.
  • Who’s Online
    The Who’s Online feature allows the store administrator to view customers browsing the site and shows IP addresses, last click, last URL, time of arrival and name (if registered and logged in).