Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Email Service
Our Smart Solution for your Web Hosting Needs
When you need a complete web hosting solution then look no further than the expert team of Design19. The company is based in Northern California and has extensive experience in the field of online marketing and representation. For a full package of hosting and marketing services, there are few better choices. The convenience in having such a full range of products and services available for an online presence all in one location is unparalleled.
Aside from the fact that Design19 offers professional photography, networking, web design, SEO marketing services, professional printing and graphics design services, their web hosting is among the best offered anywhere online and is a very affordable solution for all of your needs.

The hosting services utilize the latest technologies available in both the MS server and Linux server choices. In addition to that, the DNS Domain Registration and Email are included. What server you prefer to use is completely up to you, but there are benefits to both.

A Linux server is typically a bit more cost effective and can handle vast amounts of information without affecting quality. With Linux, you also have MySQL available which may not be available on the MS server choices. Be sure to ask about it if you are specifically interested in the database capabilities of MySQL. Also, Linux is known for its higher level of security and has been the preferred server of choice for a number of years.

The MS server solution should not be discounted, though. It has been modified and redefined and can offer certain features and benefits not found in a Linux server. Microsoft listened to its customers and launched a server that is more secure and also includes other benefits that consumers were looking for in web hosting. MS changed to a more secure and easier to use core with an easily administered interface. The cost has also dropped dramatically to compete with the preferred Linux system.

Design19 knows that you may not have time to focus on the hosting solution you choose and offers packages that make sense and work for you. Email handling is an important basic feature of any hosting service as is your DNS Domain Registration. Why go through many different service providers to combine all of the functions and features offered at additional expense when a complete solution can be found all in one place? The convenience simply cannot be measured.