Project Process
Web Designing & Development Process
On every client engagement, Design19 assembles a multi-disciplinary team whose members collaborate actively with client project stakeholders. We conscientiously apply a carefully formulated methodology throughout a project lifecycle from initial conceptualization through final deployment.

I. Decision and Planning Phase

  • Website Development Quote
    If you have not already done so, you will want to take some time to think about what you wish to accomplish with your new website. Determine if you will need any special functionality or interactivity with your visitors; consider the type of design style which appeals to you and then be sure to let us know.
    When you are ready, please request your free, no-obligation website design quote.
  • Needs Analysis
    Based on the information you provided when requesting your website design quote, we attempt to determine your needs, what you are expecting from your website, and try to get a feel for your industry. This is why it is important for you to be as detailed as possible when requesting your quote.
    We may have questions for you to help clarify certain issues and we will express those before quoting on your project.
    If we believe that your website development project could benefit from our services and skills, we will quote you on your project.
  • Website Development Contract
    Once we have come to an agreement on project details, timeline and price, we will prepare a website development contract for you to review, sign and send back with your deposit.
  • Initial Deposit
    The signed contract and 1/3(one third) deposit is required before we schedule a time slot for your project. The remainder of your balance will be due upon project completion. Once we have received your deposit and signed contract, we will provide you with a copy of the fully executed contract, a receipt for your deposit and your project start date. All projects are scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • Domain name registration/Website Hosting
    If you already have a domain name and hosting, we may be able to work with your current host to give you all the features you require.
    If you require a domain name and hosting services, we recommend 1&1. Many of our clients host their website’s with 1&1 and they have great server up time, lots of features as well as good customer support.

II. Graphic Design Phase

  • Project Begins
    Upon receipt of your deposit and contract (if applicable), the developer in charge of your project will email you to confirm receipt of your deposit/contract, give you their direct contact information and possibly provide a list of items which will be needed from you over the course of development.

    You will need to let us know the navigation links you would like (such as home, about us, services, etc.) and supply all text and/or product information to be included on your site. In addition, you may also supply material such as company logo, personal photos, etc., if desired.

    If you have any guide sites you would like us to refer to when designing your site or if you have any preference as to colors, style, etc. please offer that information as well.

    For E-Commerce sites that require us to enter products for you, we will need you to supply an Excel spread sheet listing the following: Product Name, Unique Product ID Number (if any), Product Description, Options (if any – size, color, etc.), Price, Approximate Weight, Number in Stock, as well as the product photos named in correspondence with the Product ID Number on the spread sheet.

    Ideally, all of the above information should be supplied prior to us getting started.

    Work will commence on your scheduled start date. The developer in charge of your project will contact you on that day to confirm that we are getting started.

  • Custom Designed Website Concepts
    We will provide three possible custom designed home page concepts for your project. In most cases, we will be able to provide these designs within 5-7 business days following your start date.

    After you have reviewed the designs and decided which one you would like to use, we will continue to make modifications to the design until the final desired look is achieved. Once the final desired look is achieved, we will create the interior page layout, convert the design to HTML, add programming, etc.

    During this process, you will have the opportunity to review progress. (See next item.)

  • In Progress Viewing
    We establish a private directory for your new website on our testing server so that you may view the website development progress at any time. In addition, your project manager will inform you via email when extensive updates to the site have been made so you can review the most recent progress.

  • Professional Stock Photography
    All projects include use of professional stock photography images from our current library. If a client requires stock photography which we do not currently possess, an additional fee may apply.

III. Website Development and Coding Phase

  • Programming / Coding
    All website development programming/coding to run any special features/visitor interactivity on your website is completed and tested.

  • Website Pages
    Based upon your contract and the final design you selected, we create as many static or dynamic pages as needed to complete your site.

  • Website Navigation
    Navigation links or drop down menus, and rollover effects, if desired, are completed.

  • Site Map
    Creation of a site map page is done which includes easy one-click access to all pages of your site.

  • Site Content
    Incorporation of your logo, photos and text content is included in all projects. Custom logo design is available for an additional fee, please inquire if interested.

  • CSS Stylesheet
    CSS Style sheets are used to define font faces, styles, sizes and colors for consistency throughout the site.

  • Website Favicon
    A favicon is a small image that displays in the address bar and on the favorites menu when someone bookmarks or adds your website to their “Favorites”. Creation of a favicon is included in all custom website development projects.

  • Response Forms / Email Contact Forms
    We always recommend at least one contact form for your visitor’s convenience. Using a contact form, a visitor can email you directly from your website without needing to open their email program. This is especially convenient if a visitor is not using their own computer when their email program is not available.

IV. Testing Phase

  • Search Engine Readiness Check
    Meta Tags, Page Titles, Page Heading, Alt Image Tags, Link Text,and Page Body Text evaluation and adjustment where needed throughout the website. At no time can we guarantee when or where the search engines will place your website within their search results or directory.

  • Browser Compatibility Testing
    Your website is tested on a variety of operating systems and browsers to insure proper display and functionality.

  • Grammar & Spell Check
    Before the website is launched, a grammar and spell check is performed to insure there are no mistakes.

  • Dead Link Check
    A thorough check for misdirected links and missing files is performed just prior to as well as after the launch of the website.

  • Forms Programming
    Any email contact forms and/or programming features included in your project are tested to confirm they are functioning as required.

V. Launch Phase

  • Final Payment
    Final payment is always due before we take the website live on your domain. Upon receipt of final payment, you will be emailed a final/paid in full receipt.

  • Launch Website
    All necessary website files and scripts are copied to your domain and databases are setup.

  • Error Testing
    After the website is live, any interactive programming and scripts are tested to verify proper function. Since the design and testing phase often occurs on a different server, it is very important to once again verify that everything is working correctly after taking the website live.

  • Website Files
    After launch and testing of the website, you are provided with a zipped archive of all website files.

  • Instructions & Documentation
    When necessary, any documentation needed to use the administration functions of your website is included in PDF format.

  • Search Engine Submission
    Manual search engine submission occurs after launching, testing and fixing any issues there may have been.

VI. Completion Phase

Minor Adjustments / Changes
Minor adjustments to the website are included at no charge for up to two weeks after the website has launched (maximum of up to 3 hours labor). Minor changes include adding changing text, adding or changing photos, etc. Any major revision requests will require additional discussion and possibly incur a fee.

In this phase of the project, the live site is being used by the target audience. Feedback received from the initial release may result in further refinements. This phase may include completing the training of client staff on administrative functionality such as a content management system, explaining traffic and analytic results in greater detail and handholding until the client is fully able to take control of their own website. There can be small bugs that crop up after launch and DESIGN19 fixes these.

After site launch, clients can either operate their own websites with only occasional assistance from DESIGN19, or engage us for a maintenance phase where we perform certain tasks on an ongoing basis or add smaller functionality on an time and materials basis. In other situations, further functionality is specified at a later date and this is undertaken by us on a Project basis. As needed we can prepare necessary documentation to facilitate a hand-off or continuing work like a Style Guide, Content Management Guide, etc.

In general DESIGN19 has enjoyed long-standing client relationships and based these on the requisite needs of each client and their unique needs.

VII. Hosting

We recommend 1&1 hosting services. Many of our clients host their website’s with Liquid Web and they have great server uptime, lots of features as well as good customer support.
Hosting Features:
  • Online File Manager
  • Email accounts @yourdomain
  • Web Based Email Interface or POP3 Access
  • Online Web Stats (invisible hit counter)
  • Website Backup Utility
  • MySQL Database Management
  • Add/remove sub-domains
  • Custom error pages
  • FTP Access
  • Auto responders
  • Many more features …

IX. Optional Add-ons

  • E-Commerce Store
  • Flash Effects & Animation
  • Secure Forms with Database Back end (SSL Encryption)
  • Website Editing (CMS)
  • Site Search
  • RSS Feed Aggregator
  • News/Article Posting
  • Photo Gallery
  • Guestbook
  • Community Forum
  • Events Calendar
  • And more!
Optional Add-ons pricing will vary. To obtain pricing, please inquire about the specific add-ons you wish to include. Optional Add-ons may be limited by what programming languages your host supports.